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Richard Crallan

Richard Crallan

As a specialist family lawyer with over 23 years experience Richard is well aware of the destructive effect that divorce can have upon the lives of spouses and their children. As a result Richard is keen to resolve issues constructively. Richard is aware that many clients going through divorce need support and protection if they are to emerge from the process with their dignity intact and with a fair and secure financial future ahead of them. Richard encourages clients to focus on the long term effect of agreements. A fair outcome is essential. An application to the court is sometimes inevitable, especially where one spouse is clearly trying, at all costs, to avoid a fair result.

Richard is prepared to act tirelessly to get results for his clients and believes in providing forceful, practical and jargon-free advice. He shares the hope of his clients that their legal difficulties can be sorted out as quickly as possible, without incurring unnecessary legal costs.

Richard Crallan qualified as a specialist family law barrister in 1992 and represented clients in court for the next 10 years, mainly conducting trials where either the matrimonial assets were being divided up or where the parents couldn’t reach an agreement for their children’s living arrangements.

Richard spent 3 years working as a specialist family law ‘solicitor and barrister’ in Perth, Western Australia and has wide experience of the international aspects of financial and custody arrangements upon divorce.

In 2002 Richard started working as a Solicitor Advocate and has dealt with high net worth clients at a ‘magic-circle’ family law firm in Mayfair, London, where many cases involved international property disputes and the complex interrelation of laws of more than one national jurisdiction.

Richard is a member of Resolution which encourages a constructive and non-confrontational approach to divorce.

Louise Higham

Louise Higham

Qualified as a solicitor for almost 20 years, Louise has a wealth of experience with helping clients achieve a fair outcome in complex financial cases on the breakdown of marriage and relationships. Louise recognises that clients often feel overwhelmed with emotion and they need help, support and, often, protection, if they are to emerge from the experience with a fair and secure financial future and with children who have been spared the worst of the possible emotional impact of their parents’ separation.

Louise helps clients concentrate on the long term consequences of their decisions rather than the short term preoccupations of the process itself. Louise is determined that her clients should achieve a fair outcome and hopes that it can be achieved through mediation or negotiation. However, Louise recognises that sometimes court proceedings are necessary if one party is determined to avoid a fair result.

Louise joined Crallan Family & Divorce Solicitors as a Senior Associate, in May 2012 having previously worked in Bristol as the Matrimonial Finance Team leader in the family department of a national firm.

Louise is a Resolution accredited specialist in matrimonial finances and children (private law).

Peter Riddle

Peter Riddle is a consultant for Crallan Family and Divorce Solicitors dealing with all our clients’ conveyancing needs.

Peter has over 30 years experience in dealing with both residential and commercial conveyancing.